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Chapter 1: The Beginning
Hi, my name is Andrew Ingkavet, and I'm a musician, composer, and parent.  I also am a music teacher, but hadn't planned on making this a professional focus until about a decade ago...

My then preschool son began asking for music lessons.  Not finding a teacher who would accept him, I began homeschooling him, digging out my old textbooks from NYU.  I was a music education major, but, ended up becoming a composer, music marketer and even an MTV, when they still played music videos.  Ah, the 80's.

I realized there was a gap in music education between the sing-along classes we experienced when he was a toddler to formal private music lessons at the piano or other instruments.

Chapter 2: The Creation
As I began teaching my son and his friends, I found I had to create my own materials to better serve my preliterate clients.  The existing methods were designed from a teacher-centric view.  It was all backwards!   

As I experimented over  thousands of hours I had an epiphany.

Music is a visual design challenge!

If I was to get a child to remember what to practice, I need to give her instructions she can "read" even if she can't read words yet.  

I began to use color as a scaffolding tool.

I decided to call it the Musicolor Method as that was an apt description for it.   Using color, I can quickly enable young beginners to learn what to play when and build technical skills without them even realizing it.  It was fast and much more fun than my childhood lessons.
Over the last few years, I've trained many parents and teachers around the world and in my own neighborhood. 

Here's what one parent said about my materials:

"My daughter wanted to learn, but with me being utterly unfamiliar with playing any instrument, I was at loss where to start. This is a fantastic way to teach a novice the basics of piano. It is very intuitive, easy to understand and fun for kids."

So if you've been wanting to give your child or students a fun, fast way to learning music, I hope this is helpful.  

I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery.  Click on the button below and I'll start sharing more secrets I've discovered.

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